HBio Capital Management

HBio Capital Management specializes in managing long/short equity portfolios of publicly traded biopharmaceutical and medical device companies. Our goal is to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation by constructing a balanced portfolio aimed to achieve outstanding return and minimize risk

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Portfolio Strategy

We approach two groups of strategies to achieve a strong return and outperform the market


The main part of the portfolio consists of a diversified exposure to the biopharma sector


Well-established companies with a number of commercialized products and stable cash flows that are paying dividends to their shareholders


Companies with products at late stages of research and development or at early stages of commercialization

Early stage

Companies with promising products in clinical research, and/or robust preclinical pipeline

Performance Enhancement

Limited speculative exposure; advanced risk analysis

Special situations

Companies with expected business updates, Phase 1-3 trial results, pending FDA decision, or legal proceedings, which may significantly affect the economics of the entity

Distressed equities

Companies that we perceive to be undervalued due to an exaggerated market reaction to a specific business event (such as news on research results)

Arbitrage (cash-rich)

Companies with net cash positions significantly exceeding their market capitalization where we estimate a high chance of M&A activity

Investment Focus

We developed fundamental expertise in four groups of technologies to identify the best investment targets

Gene therapy

CAR T-cells, RNAi and CRISPR technologies that modify the expression of an individual’s genes or may potentially repair abnormal genes

Cell therapy

Restoring certain cell populations or using cells as carriers of therapeutic cargo


Aimed to prevent or mitigate infections, as well as treatment of viral, fungal and bacterial infections

mAb/mAb drug conjugated

Stimulate the patient's innate immune system to attack pathogen cells

Repair molecular damage

Reverse the damage that accumulates with age and leads to tissue dysfunction: accumulated genetic damage; Epigenetic alterations; Aging-associated changes in cell signaling; Loss of telomere-protective sequences

Treat severe diseases

Focus on novel therapeutic approaches aimed at meeting unmet needs in either blockbuster (cancer, cardiovascular diseases) or orphan disease indications

Regenerate tissues and cells

Replacement of dysfunctional cells, tissues and organs (appearing as a result of stroke, hepatitis, chronic renal insufficiency, etc.) with healthy ones

Investment Approach

We employ fundamental analysis and event-driven strategies to make long and short investments in publicly traded biopharmaceutical and medical device companies


Market monitoring

  • Clinical trials updates
  • Market movers
  • Changes in competitive landscape within indication
  • Hedge fund trades
  • Recent research

Technology analysis

  • Assessment of technology and indication potential
  • Pipeline valuation

Financial analysis

  • Company valuation: probability adjusted DCF and real options
  • Assessment of need of additional financing
Deal execution

Optimal momentum and financial instruments

  • Timing of entry optimization with the help of proprietary algorithmic systems
  • Type of exposure optimization - stocks or derivatives
  • Timing of exit optimization

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals in healthcare and the financial industry

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